Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Hotel Mortagne

1228, rue Nobel · Boucherville, Quebec, J4B 5H1 · Canada

September 21 – 22, 2018


Deadline for inscription is August 31st, 2018


Competitors: All competitors must have their competitor’s number at least one hour before their event and report 45 minutes before their round to the on deck captain.  All changes must be made before the event starts.  Last minute changes will not be accepted.

Responsibility: The organizer will not be responsible for loss or theft of articles left in changing rooms, ballroom or hotel rooms.  Neither will the organizer be held liable for injuries sustained by competitors, spectators, staff, officials, vendors and volunteers or anybody attending the event.  Everyone attends at their own risk.  The organizer reserves the right to reject any entry which has been submitted by a competitor who has been disrespectful towards the officials and / or these regulations.

Video: No private recording, professional photography or filming will be allowed, however there will be a professional video company available for video recording of your dancing.

We will consider that everyone who attends this event has, by their own presence in the ballroom, consented to the use and release of any video, image or names of those spectators or contestants or persons participating in the floor show who may appear on television or in any of the DVDs for sale.

If any person attending this event has any objection to being recorded or the possibility of being seen in DVD’s or digital images, please notify the organizers in writing prior to day of the competition.

Cancellation:  For all cancellations made before August 31st, 2018, 150$ will be held for administration fee and expenses already made.  No refunds will be made for admission tickets.  All ticket sales are final. No refund will be made for cancellation after August 31st, 2018.

Professional:  Professional competitions are sanctioned by Canadian DanceSport Federation (CDF), rules are available on their website at\. In the instance where three (3) couples or less are competing in a category, the cash prize will be reduced by one half. This rule applies automatically to any registration received after the deadline, regardless of the number of competitors.

Amateur:  All “Amateur” competitions are sanctioned by National Dance Council of Canada (NDCC), rules and dress codes are available on their website at

Pro-Am:  Pro-Am students do not need to be registered with any association.  Separate divisions for ladies and gentlemen but Championships and Scholarships will be merged.  There will be no substituting of a student for another student.  No solo routine should exceed more than three (3) minutes.  To be eligible to compete in the Scholarships divisions, the student must register to a minimum of 10 single dances.

Vouchers: Must be mailed with entries and received before august 31st, 2018.

Invigilator: A panel of invigilators might be used for closed syllabus divisions. These categories will be strictly supervised and competitors committing infractions will be penalized.

N.B.: The Organizer reserves the right to reject any entry or publicity.

Your inscription can’t be guaranteed if received after August 31st, 2018